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Photos from powerboat training session held on a sunny Saturday in Galway. The session included a trip to the Galway Lifeboat Station.

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Thursday Sailing Session

Thursday Sailing starts at 7.15pm. Please arrive in plenty of time to be on the water at 7.15pm.
The dinghy park will be open from 6pm. Briefing 6.45pm.

Where To Meet:
Please assemble at the Dinghy Park – Location map below


Saturday Sailing Session

Saturday Sailing starts at 3.00pm. Please arrive in plenty of time to be on the water at 3.00pm.
The dinghy park will be open from 1.30pm. Briefing 2.30pm.

Where To Meet:
Please assemble at the Dinghy Park – Location map below


Hangar & Dinghy Park Locations

Sessions are organised from our dinghy park. The dinghy park is located on the sea front, 100m (approx) on the left down the gravel roadway to Dead Mans Beach. There will be some activity at our hangar before a session while members organise safety boats etc. If in doubt just ask around where the dinghy park is, you will find members very helpful. Both hangar and dinghy park locations are indicated on the map below.

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The Optibats have arrived.

Please see this YouTube video for a rigging demonstration.

The Task Ahead

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Bag Packing Fund Raising.
It’s time to swap launching trolleys for shopping trolleys, raise funds and not the main sail.. OK. OK… enough. This Friday & Saturday we are doing a bag pack at Dunnes Knocknacarra to raise funds for the club. To maximise our efforts we have decided to suspend sailing on Saturday and encourage as many members and friends as possible to help with the bag packing. We need all the assistance we can get so if you can spare any time to assist please do.  As a family friendly club we would encourage you to get the whole family involved. Thanks to Fergal for organising the bag packing opportunity and to Netta for co-ordinating the sessions.

Bag Packing Sessions: Friday 4pm – 9pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm.

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Just a few pics of our sailing session last Thursday night.

Thanks to Alan Delahunty for taking and sharing the photos with us.

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With our sailing season gaining momentum it is probably worth refreshing ourselves on racing rules:


What rules do I need to know?

A boat on port tack (the wind coming from the left, the boom on the right) gives way to one on starboard tack (wind from right, boom on left).

A boat on Starboard tack with right of way may shout ”Starboard” if you are on Port tack and they think you are about to get in their way.

A boat to windward (closest to where the wind is coming from) gives way to a boat to leeward (the boat further away from the wind).

At a mark, the boat on the inside, nearest the mark, will usually need to be given room to round the mark without hitting it or you!

These basic rules should prevent most collisions.

What course do I sail?

The Race Officer will set a course and will brief you on the day.

A typical course is a race around the three buoys in our sailing area with the start/finish line between the committee boat (rib with the Race Office and Flags) and the blue buoy.

How do I start?

Our starting sequence is as follows:

  • 5 minutes to start – hoot of horn and 1st (warning) flag up.
  • 4 minutes to start – hoot of horn and 2nd (preparatory) flag up. This will be a blue flag with a white square in the centre.
  • 1 minutes to start – hoot of horn and 2nd (preparatory) flag down
  • The start – hoot of horn and 1st flag down and the race is on.
Where is the finish?

Sail back across the start/finish line to finish the race.

Dinghy Racing Beginners Guide

This guide is a available from our download page. It may help to print it out and put it in a waterproof cover for reference.

Further Reading

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) have a published a one-page set of Introductory Rules for Racing designed to help newcomers to sail-boat racing. View Introductory Rules for Racing Here.

Rules Of Racing Video

Racing Rules explained – Rule 10 – Port and Starboard

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We are pleased to announce that we are launching our sailing season this Saturday afternoon, March 8, from 1pm

sailing-session_590x291Informal Session – Club Friends & Prospective Members Welcome
To ease us into the season, we propose an informal session on Saturday where we can assess the fleet, examine access to the beach after the winter storms, generally get our bearings for the new season and of course get out for our first Sail of 2014.

It will be an ideal day for club friends and prospective members to drop down to find out more about the club.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday from 1pm,

Galway City Sailing Club Committee

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The beach!

The beach!

The shore road looking west from the dinghy park.

The shore road looking west from the dinghy park.

Lough Atalia pontoon up side down!

Lough Atalia pontoon up side down!

An intruder on the slipway - some wave power!

An intruder on the slipway – some wave power!

A very Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you have all survived the storms without damage.
Happily our dinghy park was most effective at protecting all the boats inside – not one damaged or moved. However the storm surge on the high tide last Friday has made the approach road to the beach impassable to vehicles, and has also ripped up the top of the beach the top part of which is now all stones: the sand is still there but it has been moved down the beach, hopefully it will have buried some of the low tide rocks!, ; also the access ramp will need reconstructing – not a difficult job. Until we get the road cleared and the access ok we will be unable to launch the dinghies. The slipway also is blocked by large stones and heavy concrete blocks. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it is all sorted – if we need a work party we will let you know. (Photos attached)
The pontoon access to Lough Atalia is also out of action – upside down under the bridge – , and the other pontoon has been blown down to the ‘G’ end of the Lough where it looks to be undamaged.
In the meantime it is AGM time again – formal notice in another email to members – friends are also invited and would be very welcome- Thursday 23rd January 8pm Harbour Hotel.
We have been allotted a grant of €2200 by the Galway City and County Sports Partnership specifically to help us set up sailing courses for children aged 7yrs up on Lough Atalia. We will need to come up with funding for at least two ‘Optibats’ or ‘Opimists’ ourselves and all the other equipment needed as soon as possible. If you know of the whereabouts of any Optibats or Optimists lying around unused that we could purchase please let me know. The new committee will be prioritising this project.

We had a very pleasant afternoon in Padraig’s Place before Christmas with copious amounts of mulled wine (purloined from the Roe ‘Cave’). Thanks to: Robert Delargy for his hospitality; Catherine Meagher for the food; to John Hendley and Catherine Meagher for the slide show; and to Cait and Colm O’Fatharta for the music; and to all who came along.

Thanking you all for making 2013 an enjoyable and successful year for the club, and very much looking forward to a new season,


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Christmas Party Invite 2013The Galway City Sailing Club Christmas party will be held on Saturday 14th December from 4pm at Padraig’s Place, New Docks Road, Galway.

Members and friends welcome.

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View shared dropbox photos here

ISA Official Report

View report on ISA website

Video made by Bellacragher Bay Boat Club

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